What a week!

MARRYING MARI was released in paperback, which is pretty exciting (e-version still available!).


Going to the recognition ceremony to receive the mentoring award from my school (including check). Giving a small speech (very small).


Going on a three-day weekend retreat with colleagues/friends where I hope to hammer out a new idea for a writing project… as well as enjoy some good girl-talk, some grilling, and a view of a lake…


Meeting a new colleague to discuss a shared project for our creative writing students.



Happy Publication Day!

Today is the day MARRYING MARI is published by Samhain in a paperback edition. Whoo-hoo!


Want the softcover edition? You can order here from Samhain and here from Amazon and here from Barnes & Noble.

Want the e-book? You can order here from Samhain/e-book, here from Amazon/Kindle and here from Barnes & Noble/Nook… the e-version is still available.

Responses to MARRYING MARI


With the paperback edition coming out from Samhain Publishing on September 3, I thought I’d post some of the comments I loved from the e-book reviews.

“I absolutely loved the way the three are introduced to each other…. The added twist of The Colony was a unique way to explain why [the two heroes] needed a third, and how it was acceptable. The imagination of the author on this point was awesome…. Once I started reading this book I couldn’t stop, and I’ve since re-read it twice, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything! Brava to Ms. Snow for a fabulous page turning read, that I’ll be sure to re-read again, and again. I can’t wait til I pick up another book by her.” — Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“MARRYING MARI is an interesting and fun read with unique characters and at times humorous situations… Ethan and Gabriel are very much their own men and being dictated to doesn’t sit well with either of them so I love that they get together with Mari who isn’t what their society deems `appropriate’….. Mari is one super cool chick who isn’t going to let anyone walk all over her…. MARRYING MARI is a book that brings about a riot of emotions along with sheer pleasure in how Ethan, Gabriel and Mari stand united in the face of so much opposition.” — Romance Junkies

“…the story really had some remarkable ups and downs which created a propelling plot line. This is a story I could see having a sequel, especially featuring some of the secondary characters and I would happily read it.” — Long and Short Reviews

You can pre-order from Samhain (with a discount) here, or Amazon here.

From Talking with the Dead, my new tale

Evie had made me promise not only to visit Detective Munro but Henri Van Roekel as well. With a slightly different message. And I was pretty sure it would be received about as well as the first one.

After a few minutes, the door opened and Henri Van Roekel entered. I knew it was him because of the recent pictures in the media splashing the scandal of Evie’s murder around.

But for the second time in one day I got knocked off balance by a man.

Another  really, really good-looking sexy man.

This one had the good manners my gran’mère taught me: he offered me a seat and refreshment before sitting down himself. Obviously he was controlling his curiosity about this unexpected visit, although he gave me a thorough glance. I was glad I had worn the Calvin Klein.

“How is Edith?” he asked. He had a startling voice, smooth and rich. Seductive.

Wow. Thank God he wasn’t selling cars, I thought. I’d buy three.

“She’s fine,” I said.

“Good. I haven’t seen her in a long time. She’s always been one of my favorite people.”

“I’ll tell her you said so.” Really? My gran’mère Edith was one of his favorite people? Huh?

“So how can I help you, Lily?” His voice was tremendous. No wonder women threw themselves at him.

“Ahh.” How to begin? “I was sorry to read about your recent, uh, troubles.”

A shadow passed over his face. Suddenly, there was a subtle but definite distance between us. “Thank you.”

“Here’s the thing,” I began, dithering. Oh, to hell with it. “I have a message for you from Evie Rockfort.”

His head snapped up so fast it was a blur. “Really?” That’s when I got the hard scrutiny from behind the wire-rims. Eyes the color of a June sky studied me with clarity and precision. They shouldn’t have suited the pale copper skin and neither should the golden too-long waves combed straight back from his forehead.  A sort of Oxford don-slash-California surfer dude. Somehow together they created an incredibly stunning appearance.

Behind the cool blue eyes was a first-class brain currently dissecting me. Which made me completely and embarrassingly hot. I felt my nipples perk up. WTF?

He sat back, still staring at me. “Do tell me Evie’s message.”


#6 Sentence Sunday: 11.4.12

Here’s the 6 Sentence Sunday snip for today:

I realized I had been staring at his mouth long enough that it had quirked up at one corner. It formed words.

“How did you know Evie Rockfort?” His voice was even, but the hint of amusement lay underneath.

Hey, I am reasonably presentable and I wasn’t handcuffed to a desk and I stared at him like he was a hot butterscotch sundae. Even the dimmest of men appreciate that kind of unsubtle reaction, and Detective Jonah Munro wasn’t dim.

I said baldly, “I didn’t–I mean know her… living—I’m a psychic.”

Crazy, Fantastic Week… Oh, and a Giveaway

One week ago MARRYING MARI was published by Samhain in ebook form.

Since this is my very first published romance, I have been experiencing a crazy, wicked combination of excitement and apprehension. Since last Tuesday, I’ve essentially been riding a manic roller coaster — and I don’t much like roller coasters usually. But I’ve loved this week’s ride.

My goals for the book were simple. Create characters I liked and get them to fall in love. Give them a pretty big problems — or problems — to solve. Put them in a situation where they had to make choices, take risks, reveal vulnerabilities, and fight to earn a “happily ever after” end. Or start, depending on your point of view. Include a little humor and a lot of hot, sexy lovemaking.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought MARRYING MARI. Thanks to everyone who’s read it and reviewed it, whatever your opinion. I know I’ll learn from every comment, and the next story will be better, stronger, sharper. So keep ’em coming, and please continue to pass along your thoughts and questions.

That said, I’ve got three copies of my ebook to give away. Drop off a comment by 9 am Thursday 10.25 here (in response to this post) or on Goodreads telling me why you want, need, deserve a copy of MARRYING MARI. Three random commentors will get a free e-version.

Go for it!



Most romantic film #55: His Girl Friday (1940)

First of all, I have to say that Rosalind Russell is one of my all-time favorite actresses and, to be honest, role models. So Cary Grant and Rosie in a film? No brainer.

This is adapted from an all-male play by Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht, titled The Front Page (which was a Broadway comedy in 1928, a film in 1931 and 1974). MacArthur was married to Helen Hayes (considered at the time the greatest actress on Broadway) and father to James MacArthur, the original “Dano” of Hawaii 5-0.

For the 1940 hit, MacArthur and Hecht changed the character of reporter Hildy Johnson into a woman–enabling the casting of Russell.

Russell and Grant are a powerful comic team: their timing in the sharp, smart, witty dialog of the MacArthur/Hecht screenplay is phenomenal. Add in Ralph Bellamy as Hildy’s fiance and a jailbreak gone amuck… brilliant. A lethal, funny commentary on the Third Estate… and the crooked politicians that keep them in print.

Here, Grant plays a cad. Yep, a solid gold cad: fast-talking con-man kind of cad. Russell has divorced him (he was her editor AND her husband), but comes back to get her closure, to tell him about her upcoming marriage to Bellamy, an insurance salesman from Albany with a MOTHER (played by the redoubtable Alma Kruger).

The supporting cast is a brilliant assemply of character actors, from Bellamy and Kruger to Gene Lockhart and Helen Mack. This is a cynical, sophisticated, funny script and quick-paced performance. Simply delightful…

This week, my shout-out to Grant is for To Catch a Thief, #38 in my list — the Hitchcock thriller.

6 Sentence Sunday: 10.21.12

So, five days after publication… this week’s 6 Sentence Sunday :

He traced the deep neckline with the tip of one thick finger, and she trembled. Her nipples tightened. Her breasts ached. She drew a deep breath as his finger slipped across her skin.

His beautiful mouth was compressed into a tight, narrow line. “Turn around.”

This has been an exciting week. Publication on Tuesday, watching the reviews pop up, watching the numbers rise, and then doing the regular things I do every week.

Wanna buy it? Go here.

6 Sentence Sunday: 10.14.12

6 Sentence Sunday for this week:

“I bet the hot water never runs out,” she said aloud.

“You’d be right.”

She jumped and covered herself out of reflex, then glared at the man leaning casually against the bathroom doorframe. “Knocking?”

Ethan grinned. “I did.”

Pre-order page from Samhain. Publication Date is this Tuesday, 10.16. Here’s the blurb… She is the one woman they both need. If they can catch her.

Ethan Stone and Gabriel Pryor are successful, wealthy, handsome—and single. But not for long. As Colony descendants, they are required to form a mated triad with a woman with Colony bloodlines—or they’ll be forced to do the unthinkable. Move back inside the community’s walls and accept whomever the elders choose.

When their hired P.I. comes through with a candidate, they’re both relieved—and in a rush to close the deal. Except their chosen lady’s bloodline comes with a streak of independence as quicksilver fast as her bike messenger pedals.

Ordinarily, a big tip and amorous note wouldn’t impress Mariella Amorini, but there’s something that draws her to the two men she can’t explain. The shocking truth of her heritage sends her reeling—straight into the safe harbor of Ethan and Gabriel’s bed.

The sense of belonging is warm, and the sex is hot, but as more truths become entangled with lies, it’s clear someone from The Colony isn’t the least bit interested in the threesome’s long-term happiness. And it’ll take revealing their deepest vulnerabilities to forge a bond strong enough to endure the test.