From Talking with the Dead, my new tale

Evie had made me promise not only to visit Detective Munro but Henri Van Roekel as well. With a slightly different message. And I was pretty sure it would be received about as well as the first one.

After a few minutes, the door opened and Henri Van Roekel entered. I knew it was him because of the recent pictures in the media splashing the scandal of Evie’s murder around.

But for the second time in one day I got knocked off balance by a man.

Another  really, really good-looking sexy man.

This one had the good manners my gran’mère taught me: he offered me a seat and refreshment before sitting down himself. Obviously he was controlling his curiosity about this unexpected visit, although he gave me a thorough glance. I was glad I had worn the Calvin Klein.

“How is Edith?” he asked. He had a startling voice, smooth and rich. Seductive.

Wow. Thank God he wasn’t selling cars, I thought. I’d buy three.

“She’s fine,” I said.

“Good. I haven’t seen her in a long time. She’s always been one of my favorite people.”

“I’ll tell her you said so.” Really? My gran’mère Edith was one of his favorite people? Huh?

“So how can I help you, Lily?” His voice was tremendous. No wonder women threw themselves at him.

“Ahh.” How to begin? “I was sorry to read about your recent, uh, troubles.”

A shadow passed over his face. Suddenly, there was a subtle but definite distance between us. “Thank you.”

“Here’s the thing,” I began, dithering. Oh, to hell with it. “I have a message for you from Evie Rockfort.”

His head snapped up so fast it was a blur. “Really?” That’s when I got the hard scrutiny from behind the wire-rims. Eyes the color of a June sky studied me with clarity and precision. They shouldn’t have suited the pale copper skin and neither should the golden too-long waves combed straight back from his forehead.  A sort of Oxford don-slash-California surfer dude. Somehow together they created an incredibly stunning appearance.

Behind the cool blue eyes was a first-class brain currently dissecting me. Which made me completely and embarrassingly hot. I felt my nipples perk up. WTF?

He sat back, still staring at me. “Do tell me Evie’s message.”



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