Most romantic film #64: LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE (1992)

I had forgotten about this book and film until I wrote about LOVE’S KITCHEN last week. But like most people (I think) I like to mix up my cooking, my film watching, and my romantic interaction.


The story is set in Mexico, around the revolution, but focuses on the forbidden love between Tita and Pedro. Tita can cook “magically,” meaning that her emotions find their way into her cooking and affect the people eating it.


She loves Pedro but is forbidden to marry him because of a family tradition. Which sets of a chain of events that flow through and beyond the Mexican Revolution.


The novel was in the style of magical realism, and included recipes for Mexican foods incorporated into the story of Tita. The combination of recipes, food and romance was very sensual in its execution, but the novel also embraced a feminist message not often found in popular novels coming from Latin America. LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE is a love story, a cookbook, a fantasy and a feminist fable all in one — although not all of that translates into the film. The film is rated R, and very sensual throughout. The imagery is beautiful.



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