Most romantic film #63: Out of Sight (1998)

I love this film.


Based on a story by Elmore Leonard and directed by Stephen Soderbergh, this film is interesting for a few reasons.


Like this is the first collaboration between Soderbergh and George Clooney, followed by all three Ocean films starring the actor.It was also one of the most successful films Lopez made as an actor, unlikethe rom-coms she made following this. It was also a comeback of sorts for the director, whose film sex, lies and videotape had not been followed by real commercial success. It also brought Clooney and Soderbergh into collaboration with Don Cheadle.

The main thread of the film follows the budding romance between Jack Foley (Clooney), a convict and bank robber, and Karen Sisco (Lopez) a U.S. Marshall tasked with recapturing Foley after he breaks out of a Florida prison.


They meet during the breakout, when Foley and Sisco end up in the trunk of a stolen car driven by Buddy. They… get to know one another.

The supporting players are Foley’s BFF Buddy, their ticket-to-riches Ripley, and various other criminals, ranging from the evil Maurice (Cheadle) to the foolish Glenn (Steve Zahn). There is also Dennis Farina as Karen’s dad and an early appearance by Viola Davis as Maurice’s wife.


The twists and turns of the story are smart and intriguing, and the attraction/chemistry between Lopez and Clooney is H.O.T. Lopez’s Karen is a tough babe, a gorgeous woman holding her own in a world of men. Clooney’s Jack is a smart guy with impulse issues but no real badness. Their attraction is as puzzling to them as it is clear to us.

This is a stylish and scary thriller with romance as a compelling savory sauce. I highly recommend it.


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