Starting off any new year, I simply want to acknowledge the good things that happened in the year before, as a kind of platform to start on.


First, I am incredibly grateful to have been published for the first time. MARRYING MARI (Samhain, October 2012) did very well as an e-book, and I got kind words from readers and reviewers on blogs, Amazon and Goodreads. That kind of support has been really inspirational while I’ve been working away on the next couple of stories. Soon at your local e-publisher? I hope so!

I am also incredibly grateful that I have a job, a family that’s healthy and happy, friends who are funny and generous, students who challenge me as a teacher every day (usually a joy!), my own health and money in the bank, and two sweet, loving pets.

Next are the generous and talented colleagues who helped me produce work with my students throughout the year: my writing students gained tremendous opportunities from the teachers, writers, directors and actors who gave their time and energy.


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