6 Sentence Sunday: 10.28.12

This week, my 6 Sentence Sunday clip is from the in-progress manuscript.

Here’s the thing.

            To understand how I got here, where I was at this exact moment, in a dank and smelly basement, two levels beneath Manhattan’s chaotic streets, face to face with a serial killer who was looking to bash my brains out and steal my soul, you’d have to know where I came from.

            You’d also have to know where Jonah and Henri came from, too, since it was in fact our, um, collaboration that got me into this damned situation.

            Now that I thought about it, it was all Jonah and Henri’s fault.

            And the next time I saw them, I’d be sure and tell them so.

            Whether I was alive or dead.

Let me know what you think.



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