QueeQueg by Rockwell Kent (1930)

I am also in love with the modern woodblock prints by Rockwell Kent. Most of them appear as illustrations in books, like this one —

but in any case they are bold, quirky and fascinating. This one from Melville’s Moby Dick (oh, and happy 161st anniversary of publication, Herman Melville!)

I also noticed. last week, that Kent’s visioning of the body was very similar to that of Blake, like this painting of “Glad Day.”



3 thoughts on “QueeQueg by Rockwell Kent (1930)

  1. ELYSE SNOW says:

    Thanks for the compliment. I had so much fun writing it (or haven’t I said that about a hundred times already!). I’m working on the next one and I hope that will be even better. I appreciate your feedback.

  2. Scott Ferris says:

    … You should come see “Rockwell Kent: The Once Most Popular American Artist,” at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY… you’ll get a taste of his wood engravings, lithographs, and drawings, paintings and watercolors, books, letters, ephemera… So much to see…

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