Crazy, Fantastic Week… Oh, and a Giveaway

One week ago MARRYING MARI was published by Samhain in ebook form.

Since this is my very first published romance, I have been experiencing a crazy, wicked combination of excitement and apprehension. Since last Tuesday, I’ve essentially been riding a manic roller coaster — and I don’t much like roller coasters usually. But I’ve loved this week’s ride.

My goals for the book were simple. Create characters I liked and get them to fall in love. Give them a pretty big problems — or problems — to solve. Put them in a situation where they had to make choices, take risks, reveal vulnerabilities, and fight to earn a “happily ever after” end. Or start, depending on your point of view. Include a little humor and a lot of hot, sexy lovemaking.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought MARRYING MARI. Thanks to everyone who’s read it and reviewed it, whatever your opinion. I know I’ll learn from every comment, and the next story will be better, stronger, sharper. So keep ’em coming, and please continue to pass along your thoughts and questions.

That said, I’ve got three copies of my ebook to give away. Drop off a comment by 9 am Thursday 10.25 here (in response to this post) or on Goodreads telling me why you want, need, deserve a copy of MARRYING MARI. Three random commentors will get a free e-version.

Go for it!




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