Most romantic film #51: Dakota Skye (2008)

This is another small, independent film.

Dakota Skye is a high school girl who can sense when someone lies. This has led her to become disconnected with everyone around her because, well, everyone lies to her.

Then she meets Jonah, a boy who is a good friend to her boyfriend. Jonah now lives in New York, while Dakota and boyfriend Kevin live in in Southwest. The movie moves with Dakota as she tries to figure out either why she can’t read Jonah or if indeed he is the first truly honest person she’s met.

Eileen Boyland, the actress who plays Dakota, has been in TV and films since she was 11. You’d think she was seventy, but she’s only 25. I first saw her in Life, the short-lived TV series starring Damien Lewis and Sarah Shahi (but that’s another review).

This is a charming “little” film. It takes a bit of patience as the film starts slowly but the landscape and the the two main characters are quite watchable.


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