Most romantic film #43: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

Yet another romantic fantasy–perhaps inspired by the bad ones coming out recently.

This film is another book-turned-movie, and later TV series (but more about that, much later). The film starred Rex Harrison, then not well known to the American film audience, and Gene Tierney, the actress in Laura. Natalie Wood, then a child star, played Tierney’s daughter.

Tierney plays Lucy Muir, a young widow who moves wiht her daughter to a cottage on the seacliffs of England in the early 1900s. Harrison plays the ghost of a ship captain haunting the cottage, but in a totally benign way. No Poltergeist, here.

Lucy wants to be independent, but she has a very small income. The Captain shares his memoires with her, which she turns into a bestselling book–and they fall in love. Because this is the 1940s, the resolutions are different than on the CW.

Suffice it to say, Rex is sexy and Tierney beautiful, and there is a happy ending after all.

Oh, and George Sanders plays a cad.

The TV series was a half-hour sitcom that ran from 1968-1970, starring Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare. This version was set in Maine, and also starred Charles Nelson Reilly as the nosy neighbor-landlord.


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