Two weeks to go…

… and I’ll be on the way to Paris.

Today I got my hair cut, took a dress and pair of pants to my tailor for alterations, and set up one appointment for “when I am in town” over there.

I must complete my packing list, practice packing, and probably remove several things from the list.

I also got my final edits… to be completed as I head out the door for the airport. Before that, there’s lots to be accomplished.

  • The apartment must be cleaned, top to bottom.
  • The cat must get checked out and tranq’d at the vet.
  • The refrigerator, pantry, and freezer must be cleaned out.
  • The dry cleaning must be taken in and picked up.
  • The library books must be renewed or returned.
  • The car bumper must be fixed.
  • The mail must be stopped.
  • The Nook must be filled up.
  • The iPod must be fully loaded.
  • Multiple friends, colleagues, and others must be texted, phoned, met, chatted up and organized.

Oh, and the mss. must be edited. So much fun!


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