Most romantic film #30 : Jules et Jim (1962)

I love this film. Directed by Francois Truffaut, it stars Jeanne Moreau, Oskar Werner, and Henri Serre, and is about the trianlge of love between these two friends and the woman they both love.

It is also a key film in the French Nouvelle Vague movement (New Wave) and uses the camera to tell the story in fabulous ways.

Moreau plays Catherine, the woman Jules and Jim both fall for, the epitome of feminine beauty. Moreau is, of course, wonderful in the role, beautiful and mysterious, natural and eternal.

The film is funny, sad, Bohemian, intellectual, and moving. Like the many films it influenced, it tells a story in a new way, by revealing less than it shows.

The film covers a key era in French history as well, from before World War I to the 1920s, a period of deep disruption and reorientation for the French. The movement from the Belle Epoque, a period of cultural world domination, through the first World War was a huge transition.

In any case, the film is visually striking, the love story compelling and poignant, and Truffaut’s direction masterful.

Hmm. I just remembered it was Valentine’s Day… I could have chosen something more traditional. Oh, well.


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