Most romantic film #21: Dear Frankie

How could I forget this? It is a sweet, tiny indie film that melts my heart. Oh, and it features Gerard Butler, the first time I ever saw him (came up off the sofa!) and his Glaswegian accent.

The script is beautifully written and the roles are perfectly cast. Including all three of the kids–charming!

Most people know Butler from 300, with the glass-cut abs and fab-u-lous thighs or from the sentimental tear-jerker with Hilary Swank, but I prefer this less cloying tale. He is absolutely delightful as The Stranger, hired by Frankie’s desperate mom to masquerade as Frankie’s missing dad. (See the movie to find out why!)

The Stranger turns out to be, well, less than strange, something wonderful for both Frankie and his mom. A bloody great surprise.

In my opinion, this was a really, really great role for Butler, one that his Hollywood roles have failed to duplicate for him as an actor.

And the score is brilliiant. This film is written and directed by women… and it’s good!


2 thoughts on “Most romantic film #21: Dear Frankie

  1. WWOBrott says:

    Let’s not forget Mr. Butler in “The Jury,” (before “Reign of Fire” and “Timeline) – brilliant role and brilliant work.

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