Most romantic film #16: The Hunger (1983)

This is a horror film, a love triangle, a highly sophisticated stylized piece about vampires in 1980s New York.

Starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon.

Deneuve and Bowie are vampires, a long-time couple in NY searching for lovers-victims at discos and dance clubs, looking oh so beautiful.

Problem: Bowie is aging rapidly. In a not-so-pretty way. He contacts Sarandon, a doctor specializing in aging disorders, to help him. Unfortunately… there is no help and Bowie becomes one of a long line of Deneuve’s lovers living in a casket in her attic.


Sarandon comes around, looking to help Bowie and is seduced and turned by Deneuve.

But then–who wouldn’t be? Golly gosh. Three very good-looking people circling each other and seducing each other and looking very, very chic. The atmosphere is moody and surreal, the music is edgy, and the film is both campy and creepy. A sort of off-beat date/romance movie. The first directing venture by Tony Scott.


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