Most romantic films #9: A Single Man (2009)

Colin Firth’s #2 entry here…

This is a lovely, painful film about love and loss. Of course, it is gorgeously filmed, since Tom Ford is the director. And everyone focuses on the scenes between Firth and Julianne Moore, but I truly found them less compelling than the scenes between George and his lover Jim, or the young Italian man Carlos he meets in a parking lot.

George and Jim, on the beach

George and Carlos

It is a love story, and Firth is fantastic. As a self-descrbed character actor (rather than leading man) he plays a great character full out, no holds barred, but with tenderness and humanity. Fearless.

And honestly, I was surprised to find that Ford had this in him. I was not surprised to discover that I loved the interiors, the men’s shirts, and the music… but the depth of compassion, emotion, and simple warmth of loving someone–yes, that surprised me.

This is the scene where George (Firth) and Jim (Matthew Goode) meet for the first time.


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