Georgia O’Keefe by Alfred Stieglitz (1918)

Last week I posted O’Keefe’s Oriental Poppies. Here is a photo of O’Keefe by her longtime companion and lover, Alfred Stieglitz, taken 10 years before O’Keefe painted those flowers.

She was one of his constant subjects, and the series of pictures he took of her is as intriguing as her work. The comparison of O’Keefe in black-and-white to the splashy red/orange of the poppies is… amazing. But the underlying sensuality is very similar.

I find it interesting that O’Keefe painted flowers, skulls, and other inanimate objects, after Stieglitz took such personal and intimate photos of her.


There are of course famous pictures of her nude body, her clothed body, her hands, her face, and so forth… the photographs are so very modern (like O’Keefe’s paintings) it is hard to imagine them being from 1918, or 1928.

The photographer-subject collaboration gives a deep insight to his art, their intimacy, and perhaps even why she chose not to paint him or make him her subject matter.


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